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Nerf and Laser tag tech camp
Learn strategies, play different games within our Nerf arena and laser tag, capture the flag, zombies etc., design and theme a Nerf and laser tag arena, and learn to put together a laser tag gun

Ninja Warrior training course camp

Learn how to jump, dive, hang-over/under, and move through the obstacles at Dizzy's Ninja Course. Perfect for the child who loves Ninja Warrior and wants to be challenged by the obstacles on a scaled-down warrior course.
Pair this camp with Nerf and laser tag tech camp for a full day of fun!

Laser Tag Membership Details

Become a Member and participate with nearly a half million Laser Tag gamers online.

  • Facebook posting of every game played
  • Game replays and live scoreboard on mobile devices
  • Player game history
  • Print your own scorecards (all history)
  • 100s of achievements to earn
  • Earn power ups
  • Climb the ranks and compare your play worldwide

Planet Zeon

~~Planet ZEON is the official site for Zone Laser Tag members. From here, you can talk about Zone laser tag, check out how you’re doing compared to other members, find out about other sites and members and much more!


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